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(The Northeastern Pennsylvania ghost hunters club)

Hello and welcome to the northeastern pa's ghost hunters club web page. My name is Mike Marelli and I have been investigating the paranormal for about 3 years now. I have an ongrowing portfolio of pictures, sounds as well as video footage documenting the existence of ghosts in areas reputed to be haunted. This page is very new, and as time goes on, it will grow, and perhaps I will come into contact with people who have visited this web page on their journeys through the net and have them give me their input.


A little about us...

We are a non-profit organizations of ghost researchers and investigators out for the strict documentation of the unknown. Although PA is rich in it's haunted history <pa is the home of gettysburg, the most haunted areain america> there arent many ghost clubs around the northeastern area. I have brought it upon myself to start up one, and if anyone would like to join email me below and I will respond. It might take awhile, but not that long, perhaps a day or to. as muchg as I loe doing this, this is just a hobbie, a hobbie that I have made my life, but, to do it, you need money, and with that, a job, so, I have my job that comes first. but this is my life outside of work. so I will definately get back in touch. right now the club consists of only a few people.

1. Mike Marelli- I started the club due to the lack of interst of ghosts in my hometown, but most folks around here are very impervious to that fact that they are living on very active ground <the poconos> I have acquired a lot of ghostly anamolies in the surrounding area. I am also very proud to be a member of the International Ghost Hunters Society and a member of the Inner Circle Society.

2. Michael Marelli Sr.- My father. Always a believer in ghosts, Had just recently got into them with great interest after attending the gettysburg ghost conference. Now he is My partner in exploring the paranormal.

3. Scott Pierce- This person has an extensive knowledge of movies. He has written a few articles of Fangoria. I got him interested in the paranormal when I started showing him pictures. Now he is very much into ghosts. I consider him one of my most best friends.

4. Billy Titus- Billy is a co-worker of mine. thats how we met. I told him what I do and he was very skeptical...that is until I brought him on a hunt. Now he is a full believer, and a great person to go on a hunt with.

There are a few others out there but I wont publish their names here until I get permission from them.

What 'nepaghc' <sounds like neepock> has to offer.

1. photos- pictures of ghosts and the unknown that I have taken. I will also have posted here photos of ghosts that my friends have taken who I have met recently too. and, if you have any ghost photos, and would like to send them to me to check out, my email address will be below.

2. E.V.P.'s- a.k.a. Electronic Voice Phenomenon. although I really dont get around to doing it too much. my friends have gotten some great e.v.p.'s especially from when we all went to gettysburg.

3. ghost hunting help- Wanna conduct a ghost hunt? here, you will learn about techniques for getting a ghost hunt underway. learn the propper etiquette and investigating in an orderly fashion and experiencing how much fun it can be!!

4. Tools of the trade- you cant go on a ghost hunt without anything to try and document it. this section will gie you information on tools, <expensie as well as inexpensive> and you will just see how easy it really is to do a field investigation.

5. A ghost hunting spreadsheet- here is a spreadsheet I have created for anyone who comes to this page interested in ghost hunting, to print out and keep a written document of events that take place during a field inestigation.

6. Ghostly encounters- A section about run ins with ghosts. accounts by myself as well as friends and fellow collegues.

7. Links- A page for links to some great ghost sights. the collection wont be so grand right now. but will grow in time.



This section will let you explore ghosts through the pictures I hae taken here. mind you that all of these pictures were taken on very clear nights, and there was no fog present. In due time, I'll add more to this part, I'll go more in depth, but for now, here are the pics, dated and all. enjoy!

First Ghost hunt:January 31st '98

Second Ghost hunt:February 14th '98 <the best hunt ever to date>

Third Ghost hunt:February 27th '98

Fourth Ghost hunt:March 13th '98

Fifth Ghost hunt:March 16th '98

Following these ghost hunts, I stopped for sometime because I had only a 35mm camera and the costs were getting very very expensive, I was paying more money for film and developing and not getting any results. I would spend close to a hundred dolars a hunt and get mediocre pics. thats why it is so important to get more sophisticated technology. More about this will be explained in the Tools of the Trade

These next pictures were taken with a more technological piece of equpiment. the equipment was kind of expensive, but the money you save is ASTOUNDING!!! Digital cameras are the wave of the future.

1.February 15th '00

2.February 17th '00

3.February 22nd '00

4.February 23rd '00

5.March 14th '00

6.Ghost Photos from the Ghosts of gettysburg 2000 convention for the members of the IGHS <International Ghost Hunters Society>

7.Miscellanious ghost pics

Pictures sent in by close friends

This section is dedicated solely for the purpose of pictures of ghosts that my friends have taken. these pics are truely awesome!!! check them out!!!!!!




January 31st ghost hunt

This is the hunt that started it all. I was all reved up and ready to take on the task of trying to get ghosts on film. I go to NJ and there, in Hackettstown, is a small graveyard off of main street there, and all I had for the investigation was a disposable one time use 35 mm camera and a big lunky tape recorder <I did get some e.v.p. but the tape is now forever lost>. It wasn't too difficult for me to be in the cemetery at night one, because I have been going to them for sometime now, and 2 I had my cousin and her boyfriend to accompany me. We went walking around, seperated, and started taking pictures, we followed all standard protocals and procedures, we were having a lot fo fun. There was this one section of the graveyard however where we were all picking up a strange vibe from, not a bad vibe, but it seemed more like a sadness that transended from another dimension and we were feelign it in our own. my cousin and her boyfriend would not go over to the section, they started straying from it. Me on the other hand, I went right up to it, and I knelt in front of the grave that was in the secluded spot for a few minutes. I waited and then I decided to take a picture. Now, when it comes to taking pictures fo ghosts, you usually dont see anything until the film developes, well, here was the result of waiting for the right picture...

From this cemetery, we departed after running out of film. Went back to where I was staying to refresh and get ready for the next hunt, just a walk skip and a jump down the way from the house...Old Union Stone Church

Old Union Stone Church

Was built in the late 1700's, around the same time america was born. I have been familiar with the place all my life, but this night it seemed so much more to me, I was gonna answer a question I have always pondered on about it 'is old union haunted?' I had told a few people about what I was gonna be doing, and I usually got the same response 'old union aint haunted, it's just very old'. well, thats the key right there!!! The older the cemetery the better chances of it being very haunted. well, we walked to the graveyard and l;et me tell you, driving to a graveyard is one thing, but to just walk down a road and just have the property slowly creep up and you know your going there...it's a massive feeling. a feeling I have never felt before, nor can I explain. The Church is in complete ruins, except for the 4 corners of the building, made of complete stone, the spaces in between the 4 corners are fenced off, so no one can get into the church itself, but, thats not all that great, becaise you can see the inside of the church from the outside!! it's a dirt ground, with a pile of rocks on the one side. A true sight to take in. It is very beautiful in it's delapidated glory. We stayed for about an hour or so, and I was almost out of film, I took a few more pics, and I got a wierd feeling from behind, as if someone was standing there looking at me, I quickly turned around and thats when I got the scare of my life!! A silly firetruck road signhad light hitting it a certain way, sent my heart racing. I just started at it, and laughed, I looked down at my camera, and seen that it had one last picture left to take. So, I took it. Now I know why I had such a wierd feeling...there WAS something there!!!!


February 14th Ghost Hunt

Ok, I would have to say, to this date, this is still one of the most best ghost hunts I have ever went on, and it is an excellent way of showing that even beginners can have great luck on a ghost hunt, as you will see below. It was on February 14th 1998 and this hunt was conducted at wedding chapel church in East Stroudsburg PA.

It was me and my best fried and the whole day I had been telling him that we were gonna go to this graveyard to try and get ghosts on film. All I had was a 1 time use camera my tape recorder for e.v.p. It was between 9 and 10 p.m. right in the middle of the full moon cycle. I never got anything on the e.v.p. but the pictures are...well, see for yourself. Perhaps they were visiting their own valentines? you decide...



Otherwise known as 'Electronic Voice Phenomenon', is the study of ghost voices, sounds, or any other kind of an audible response given off by spectral entities. A wide variety of tools can be used, but that will be explained in the tools of the trade section. Even though I havent done too much in E.V.P. I have a few friends in New Jersey who have gotten some outstanding ghost sounds. They will be posted here.



Tools of the Trade

In this section, we will discuss the propper tools to use during an investigation. The equipment varies in usage...not to mention price. This is the way we are able to document the exsistence of ghosts. You need more then your eyes, you need...


The right equipment

A positive attitude

Peers to keep you company

and an open mind



Ghost Hunting Guidelines

So, you have gathered up enough courage to go out on a ghost hunt. Congradulations, the first step is overcoming the fear of the unknown. That is what makes people scared of ghosts, they dont know exactly what ghosts are, they feel as if they are out to literally scare you. But no, thats not what ghosts do. They are lost and confused...some of them, others want to stay, not leave, and it is up to people like us to try and find out why some are here and why others wont leave. This section will talk about steps to take in conducting a paranormal investigation.


Ghost Research Spreadsheet

When going on a ghost hunt, you do such things as we have talked about prior in the tools of the trade section. No matter how important it is, or how cool a ghost photo or video you got was, you would probably want to document your work. I have developed this spreadsheet to help you keep a log of your investigations. It will cover bascially everything you would need to know about the area...temperature, location, time, date, as well as a note section for you to write down anything out of the ordinary that you have come across or that has happened to you. You can then save up your documents and compare them to others as you progress in your investigations. The spreadsheet below is for your downloading pleasure. I hope it helps you out.

Ghostly Encounters

Ever see a ghost? Have you ever been alone, but felt as if someone was standing there right behind you, just looking at you? do you get the shakes and/or shivers when your in a room that is warm? Have you heard voices in the other rooms but no one is there? If you have answered yes to any of them, then you just might have had an encounter with a ghost. In this section, we have a few stories about people who had run-ins with ghosts. The accounts are true for I know the people who have told them to me. So read on, enjoy and yet, ponder the question that involves our whole existence...'Do ghosts really exsist?' I hope this page and the entire site has helped you with your lookout on a topic that has been shunned for ages, laughed at in the face by non-believers, drenched in hoaxes as to fake spirits. this page is dedicated to the well known existence of ghosts. They are VERY real, and they are everywhere.


Listed below are links to other pages that deal in the paranormal. most of them are by my friendswho atre also into this field of study. so, surf on and enjoy!!